Everyone wants to be happy, yet joy is elusive for most people. One reason is that people tend to expect their happiness to come from big things, like a promotion at work or a sizzling new romance. To have a truly happy, peaceful existence, however, it is necessary to find happiness in little things. Life is made up of little things, so enjoying them for all their worth is bound to make for a more pleasant life. I have often pondered over the things that i don’t have, sometimes i wish to have them and sometimes i feel contented for everything that i have.  How many of us are satisfied and happy with whatever we have in our lives with us ? And how many of us are dissatisfied and unhappy?  I have come across many people in my life who possess the latter one, i.e, most of them are dissatisfied with their possessions. I have seen people craving for money and big expensive luxuries even though they have enough of them. Does so much of discontentment hold good for any of us? I would like to give an example here: One day i asked my house maid that where does she live, she answered “beti ham jhuggi main rehte hain”, and after her reply various thoughts stuck my mind. I didn’t ask the question deliberately, i just wanted to know. And the expression of her face was so lively, she seemed to be happy living over there. Then i compared similar thing with mine. I imagined one of my ‘rich’ friend asking the same question to me. I would have felt shy in telling so , i would have thought that OH! What would she think about me? She lives in a big bunglow with beautiful wall painting adoring her house, beautiful garden, a swimming pool and so many other things and i live in a simple three story home devoid of such luxuries. All such things seem to be fascinating, dreaming but the reality is different. I would like to quote words of Ratan Tata ( A BILLIONAIRE!) that i found very fascinating and meaningful:
“If you want to walk fast,
walk alone.
But -if you want to walk far, walk together.
How strange it is:
We wish to wear high brands
but we feel most comfortable in pyjamas.
We wish to sit in Taj and Marriot with elite people,
but we enjoy roadside tea with friends and people we love.
We wish to own big cars and go on long drives,
yet we talk our heart out only while walking down a long road.
We have 64 GB iPods filled with songs
but sometimes a song on the radio brings a smile that can’t be compared.”
If you could have your big dream, what would you gain from it? For instance, if your dream is to have a lot of money, what would that money do for you? It would buy comforts for one thing. It would provide the type of food you enjoy and comfortable furnishings. But what about right now? Do you get food you enjoy? Do you have soft pillows, furniture that comfort you? Then you already have most of what you really want. Try finding out happiness with all those things that you have in your life at the moment. This moment is as good a time as any to begin doing what matters most.  Start exactly where you are right now.  Do what you can with what you have right now.  Stop over-thinking and start DOING. Embrace your humanness and enjoy the process of learning and growing as you go. 🙂


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