It has been a long time since i felt like writing. Life has started expecting so much from me. May be the time has arrived to become more career-oriented. This is a new phase in which i have entered. College is about to end and i will be a graduate in next two months and i literally can’t believe this. It feels like college just started and it ended. TIME RUNS SO FAST! phew! Presently, everyone is busy preparing for their entrances, trying this and that to fix themselves in a good secure position of their career goal. Everyday i have endless discussions with my friends about ‘what after graduation’. I could see their worrisome faces, the fear of uncertainty, fear of coming upto their parents expectations. To sum it up, we have this fear of FAILURE running inside our minds. But, do we realise that when we were little and learning to walk, our parents encouraged our every bit of improvement we made. We eagerly tried to do better and better. We should have the same attitude throughout our lives. Why to make it hard to learn by telling ourselves that we are not good enough to do this, what might happen if it turns out to be a ‘failure’?  From all the experiences that life has given me, i have now learnt these “success” affirmations:

Divine intelligence gives me all the ideas i can use.
Everything i touch is a success.
There is plenty for everyone, including me.
I establish a new awareness of success.
I move into the winning circle.
I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams.
Golden opportunities are everywhere for me.

When we allow these ideas to fill our consciousness, the opportunities will start coming our way and we will no longer fear about the failure. Our pathway will lead to ever greater successes.


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