A brief meeting

Travelling in delhi metro is a daily affair for me. I am a loner, so i usually read or listen to music while travelling. Watching people and listening to their conversations does not interest me at all, but the exodus at Rajiv Chowk and Kashmere gate prevents me from doing either of two because all my effort goes in balancing myself as everyone is literally hanging in the air. Just two days ago i was going to Connaught place. I saw a blind man standing behind me who was trying to find out his way in the middle of the crowd to exit from the door. I held his hand and accompanied him towards the exit. Then i asked him “Sir, do you need any other help”? He replied, “It will be extremely helpful of you if you could take me till gate no.7”.I willingly said “yes” and accompanied him to walk up the escalators. He asked me “what do you do”? I told him everything and then quickly asked him that “Sir, are you a teacher?” He relied, “Yes!How do you know?” I said that “Sir, teachers have that aura in them! And most of the times, my surmises about certain things come out to be true.” It made him laugh. Then he said that “i love to interact with people and discuss literature and psycology stuff, unlike lawyers and government officers who save all the energy for their counterparts.” Then we both started laughing. Oooh! He happened to be a literature teacher. I wish i could extend the conversation for some more time, but that was it. Before leaving he said that “Nice to meet you Akshita, god bless you!” I replied ” Nice to meet you too sir, go safely.” Then i blocked my ears with headphones and kept walking till the Oxford Book Store.


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