I have reached this place, 

where life seems like a labyrinth

Nearly impossible to solve, and

difficult to decide-

A choice; will you take the right decision?

Every instance seems to be posing a question- 

What are you seeking from life? 

What do you ought to do?

I see myself contemplating endlessly,

In hope of differentiation between an illusion and the reality,

I always end up getting perplexed.

My mind is the only thing that keeps me away from going insane. 

It says that it’s okay to be confused and not know everything,

you are not expected to know everything either because,

You are a learner! 

Keep experiencing whatever comes your way,

and you will eventually reach your destined goal.

But just don’t stop.

Always remember-

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’

And always believe that-

Something very amazing is about to happen.

Life is complicated, but that’s the beauty of it. 


Midnight Musings

While burning the midnight oil, she felt an empty emotion,

that something was missing in her life,

something that she was craving for,

something that will promise to be a source of joy to her.

She was in a dilemma!

What is she supposed to do in the present moment?

A thing of happiness or what is expected from her?

It was difficult to decide.

She felt peace with just herself,

She didn’t wish for any company.

After hours of walking and contemplation in the stillness of night

She felt peaceful, but it was short-lived.

She had to come back into the chaotic world.

She left a part of her soul behind,

and continued to battle her cravings

to fulfill an impossible desire.

!A Tranquil Night!

She was standing alone,
under the dark sky and
under the light of twinkling stars
talking to the moon,
which showered all its elements
on her.
She felt enlightened,
amidst the stillness of night.
The sky seemed infinite to her,
that made her dream like a bird.
She wished to have wings,
to experience a boundless joy.

She was standing alone,
listening to the cricketing sound
of night insects,
feeling the soothing effect of the wind.
She felt being loved,
feeling the peace in the infinite universe.
Her heart felt an expansion,
and her mind was in a dovish state.
She felt connected to herself,
that made her felt complete,
contented and happy.

A brief meeting

Travelling in delhi metro is a daily affair for me. I am a loner, so i usually read or listen to music while travelling. Watching people and listening to their conversations does not interest me at all, but the exodus at Rajiv Chowk and Kashmere gate prevents me from doing either of two because all my effort goes in balancing myself as everyone is literally hanging in the air. Just two days ago i was going to Connaught place. I saw a blind man standing behind me who was trying to find out his way in the middle of the crowd to exit from the door. I held his hand and accompanied him towards the exit. Then i asked him “Sir, do you need any other help”? He replied, “It will be extremely helpful of you if you could take me till gate no.7”.I willingly said “yes” and accompanied him to walk up the escalators. He asked me “what do you do”? I told him everything and then quickly asked him that “Sir, are you a teacher?” He relied, “Yes!How do you know?” I said that “Sir, teachers have that aura in them! And most of the times, my surmises about certain things come out to be true.” It made him laugh. Then he said that “i love to interact with people and discuss literature and psycology stuff, unlike lawyers and government officers who save all the energy for their counterparts.” Then we both started laughing. Oooh! He happened to be a literature teacher. I wish i could extend the conversation for some more time, but that was it. Before leaving he said that “Nice to meet you Akshita, god bless you!” I replied ” Nice to meet you too sir, go safely.” Then i blocked my ears with headphones and kept walking till the Oxford Book Store.


It has been a long time since i felt like writing. Life has started expecting so much from me. May be the time has arrived to become more career-oriented. This is a new phase in which i have entered. College is about to end and i will be a graduate in next two months and i literally can’t believe this. It feels like college just started and it ended. TIME RUNS SO FAST! phew! Presently, everyone is busy preparing for their entrances, trying this and that to fix themselves in a good secure position of their career goal. Everyday i have endless discussions with my friends about ‘what after graduation’. I could see their worrisome faces, the fear of uncertainty, fear of coming upto their parents expectations. To sum it up, we have this fear of FAILURE running inside our minds. But, do we realise that when we were little and learning to walk, our parents encouraged our every bit of improvement we made. We eagerly tried to do better and better. We should have the same attitude throughout our lives. Why to make it hard to learn by telling ourselves that we are not good enough to do this, what might happen if it turns out to be a ‘failure’?  From all the experiences that life has given me, i have now learnt these “success” affirmations:

Divine intelligence gives me all the ideas i can use.
Everything i touch is a success.
There is plenty for everyone, including me.
I establish a new awareness of success.
I move into the winning circle.
I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams.
Golden opportunities are everywhere for me.

When we allow these ideas to fill our consciousness, the opportunities will start coming our way and we will no longer fear about the failure. Our pathway will lead to ever greater successes.


Our life is loaded with infinite number of problems. Everyday we face some or the other problem whether it is related to our personal or professional lives. What i have personally observed about myself is that i often tend to linger about the problems i face which in one or the other way affect me. I was never able to find an effective solution for that particular problem easily. I have many friends who also fail to deal with problematic situations in their lives. I got to know about the problem solving strategy during my summer course which came out to be very helpful for me. All we need to do to solve a problem is to analyse that particular situation and find out effective solution for it. It must be sounding very easy, right? But it is not so! We need to think optimistically to solve it. At times, we make wrong decisions for a particular problem which make  us dolorous because we didn’t think effectively about it. Let us know understand the seven steps of problem solving:
1) Identify the problem– How many of us actually know what the problem is with crystal clearity? Honestly, i have a habit of mixing up many problems and finally letting myself into trouble. The very first crucial thing is to identify what we are going through and not to immerse it with other things.
2)Select realistic goals- This is something where we all lag behind. We all lack pragmatic thinking abilities. We tend to think negatively about it and don’t realise that what can be achieved from that problem. So, from now onwards we all should definitely try thinking and making ideas out of that problem.
3)Explore options- This is quite easy to do. We should look for options. Options could be anything. For example:-Share the problem with your friends, they might come up with a good idea ; think about it in your own way- what will happen if i do that or let me try that thing out, who knows it might work! Some people cry when they feel upst about it. Crying is a good exercise at times. It lets your emotions flow easily and makes you feel light. After crying, i am able to think more effectively.
4)Consider consequences- It is very important that in order to make a particular decision about a problem, we consider its consequences. This will help you make right decision.
5) Make decision- Remember, that if you you have properly followed the above four steps, only then you’ll be able to make appropriate decision.
6) Take action- After finally analysing and coming to a decision, implement it. Respond appropriately.
7) Evaluate- Evaluation is extremely important to make ourselves realise and learn a lesson from it. Were we able to cope up with it? Did we make right decision about it? Are we contented the way we dealt with it? Most importantly, are we happy for the decision that we made?
Personally speaking, i never ever even realised that following these steps would make problem solving so easier. Just the way we think about the problem solving questions in mathematics, we need to think in the same way in our lives also. A question can be solved using various formulas but you should be diligent enough to apply the one which solves it in few seconds and gives correct answer. These are some very important things that go ignorant because we never think about them.  I hope that these steps will help each one of us in dealing with our life problems everywhere. 🙂


This is not something very big, something that happened unexpectedly or something that i should ramble about. But that small incident gave me contentment and sheer happiness at the cost of nothing. Me and my two other friends went on lunch to Sarvana Bhavan in Connaught Place some few days back. It was scorching heat that day and we all were exhausted. So there we were waiting outside the restaurant for our turn to come. My friends as always kept on cracking lame jokes and discussing about the food of the restaurant which made us forget about the heat. Then all of a sudden a man came begging towards me. He looked weak and old. He was carrying a heavy bag on his shoulder. I immediately took apple from my bag and gave it to him. He touched that apple to his face twice in a criss-cross manner and went away. Me and my friends observed him keenly while he was doing this and one of my friend said that it doesen’t take much to bring a simple smile on the face of someone who is needy. And then all three of us smiled. At that moment i felt euphoric! It was not the first time i gave something to a needy one, but the way he worshipped the apple made me feel that how much important it was to him. He must be in search of something to fill his stomach since very long and that apple could have satisfied his hunger to some extent. The only thing i want to say is that ‘never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts’.